“Stil Kompleks” LTD is a family owned company, that executes variоus in kind and size projects.Our goal has always been to create a partnership with our customers by offering them more than just execution of construction works, namely a comprehensive range of services aimed at facilitating the process of analysis, decision making and execution of tasks related to the implementation of the investment intentions.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the implementation of various construction projects both in complexity and size. With its innovative and practical thinking, and constant desire for improvement through the use of innovative technologies and materials, our staff executes their tasks in the most efficient manner.The company team has been together for many years and is very good synchronization and understanding of each other. In the bottom of the page you can find most of our experts. You can also read what some of our partners and customers think about “Stil Kompleks” LTD.

All areas and aspects of the execution of a project are supervised by our CEO – Eng. Ivan Dostumski. His long experience in the implementation of projects both at home and abroad allows him to make quick and effective decisions, to monitor and control using a well-established and tested Structure for Control.


eng. Ivan Dostumski

Diyana Dostumska
Head of Accounting

eng.Miladin Dostumski
Construction Director

eng.Vasil Dostumski
Мechanization and Logistic Director

eng.Nikolay Dostumski
Business Development and New Projects Director

Elina Yanakieva
Office Manager

Georgi Topov
Project manager

Kostadin Hristov
Project manager

Vasil Milev
Project manager

Rosen Georgiev
Project manager

Kircho Chimev
Material supplier

Krasimir Stoymirski
Material supplier

Lazar Raev
Material supplier