Project Description

“Construction of a pavilion and another floor for two groups and a gym in  kinder garden №2 in the town of Sofia”   

Reconstruction and new building area 1000м²


Rising a new level and building a new structure for two groups and a gym for kindergarden number 2 in the town of Sofia. The project was very complex and all the works were executed while the facility was operational and full of children and there were also integrading energy efficient works on the roof and the facades by another company. The foundations and the columns of the building were reinforced to beat the new loads. The kitchen and the laundry room were remodelled by executing a new system to put tiles over old tiles. Despite of the extremely tight schedule the projects were comleted on time with an excellent quality of the works.


Investor: “Sofia Municipality – Triadica area”
Timeline: 19.08.2014- 31.12.2014
Location: Sofia